The Vertical View have been granted ‘Permission for Aerial Work’ by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, which allows us to work using Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (more commonly known as “Drones”). As a company, we operate with the utmost care and diligence, respecting the UK Air Law and the privacy of the public. Before each task, pre-flight checks, site surveys and risk assessments are carried out, and we will not fly in conditions that we believe to be unsafe or unlawful.


Safe working practices are essential when operating unmanned aerial systems. Despite our strict operating procedures which are designed to minimise risk, we understand that accidents can still happen. As a company we have a comprehensive public liability insurance policy in place to ensure that our clients, staff and the general public are covered should something go wrong. Our Engineers along with our Equipment Management Policy ensure that our gear is always maintained to the highest standards and assessed prior to each flight.

For more information on our qualifications and policies, call us we’re happy to help.